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Inspired by the world around him, Matthew Merrell infuses a decade of global travel and his extensive experience in the fashion world directly into his work. Having lived in Tokyo, Tulum, Milan, New York and Paris, he has been influenced by art, architecture, culture and communities from around the world. With a background in design, fashion and styling, Matthew has been a contributor to pop-culture media, a successful male model, and a currator of his own style-inspired blog. From an early age, thanks to his father being a contractor, Matthew was always valued the function and workmanship of finely crafted materials and aesthetics, and knows first hand the skills required to create the highest caliber woodwork and construction projects. He plans to launch his own furniture line one day, with an emphasis on reclaimed woods and metals that is also environmentally sustainable. Similarly, while he can adapt to most client's direction, Matthew's ideal aesthetic leans toward chic-but-humble, organic-but-elegant, Bohemian traditionalism infused with a clean California natural vibe and extraordinary vintage finds. For Matthew, design isn't just about what looks great - it's also about defining and refining personal style, stimulating all of the senses, and a nod toward the uniqueness of each person who's space he's creating. 



Combining his sense of adventure, design aesthetics, culinary fascination, and determined spirit, Matthew once departed his comfortable NYC home base for a year in Tulum, Mexico where he opened a restaurant called Despierta Cafe, completely of his own creation - including original recipes, freshly sourced ingredients and his own unique flair. Of his many years as a globetrotter, Matthew considers the intense stimulation of all of his senses in India, the electric and eclectic energy of Mexico City, the duality of opulence and humility of quaint Luang Prabang in Laos some of his brightest memories - all of which conspire to generate and evolve his personal design work, and his sense of perspective on the world.


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